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Tech Coaching and Implementation to Help You Start, Scale and Automate Your Online Business

For side hustle solopreneurs who don’t have the time or tech expertise to learn by trial and error

Save Money

Save Time

Reduce Stress

Are you overwhelmed by technology?


There are so many options to choose from


I am not sure what is even technically possible


What technology should I be using?


What tech products are the best for solopreneurs?


I want to use technology that does not rely on paying someone continuously – self sufficiency is important


I need cost-effective technology that does not significantly cut into my profit


I need technology that enables me to work from anywhere


I don’t have time to stay up to speed on the latest tech – my focus is on serving my customers

Save time and focus on serving your customers by using the right tech for your side hustle

Save Money

Don’t over pay for technology when you can leverage free/low-cost technology and learn how to become self-sufficient in the essentials for your business

Save Time

Get your business into market quicker or automate processes with proven, reliable technology that you can implement so you can spend more time growing your business

Reduce Stress

 Instead of the stress that comes from staying on top of the rapidly changing tech market, focus your expertise on deeping your value proposition and serving customers

Many solopreneurs struggle with technology required to power their side hustle business. The breadth of technology is extensive and it’s constantly changing. This can make it hard to decide what technology is best for your business and how to use it effectively. Sometimes the learning curve and lack of time to apply technology can prevent a business from thriving.

As a side hustler with an online business like you, I know how essential technology is to reaching the right customers and delivering money into your bank account.

I am here as your expert to help you select technology, implement it for you, and transfer knowledge so you become self-sufficient.

My expertise is wide and deep across many technical capabilities that are required to power an online business: websites, e-commerce, online course platforms, email marketing, search optimization, collaboration platforms, analytics, podcasting.

Hi, I’m James Gray

1o years of building and running information technology solutions inside of Microsoft

1o+ years side hustling as a solopreneur in technology and coaching

Day job as a Chief Product Officer envisioning, building, and marketing software products

Start Learning Technology Essentials Today

1. Book Coaching

Click “Hire an Expert” to select and purchase a coaching / implementation package that suits your needs.

2. Implement technology

Together we’ll collaborate over video/chat to confirm requirements and provision technology or solve your technical issues.

3. Accelerate your business

Leverage technology to power and grow your audience, accelerate leads and convert into income.

Stop Stressing Out About Technology and Let an Expert Save You Time

Many solopreneurs struggle with technology required to power their side hustle business, so I have created online courses and tech consulting that helps people get started with low-cost technology quickly. When you use the right technology, you have more time to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

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I know you want to be solopreneur with a thriving online business that creates additional income and more freedom. In order to do that, you need the right technology to reach your audience, easily deliver the value proposition and have money automatically flow into your bank account.  The problem is technology can be complicated and is constantly changing which makes you feel overwhelmed. I believe that technology can be demystified for solopreneurs so that it becomes a competitive advantage not a blocker that prevents your business to thrive. I understand that for non-technical business owners technology can be overwhelming which is why I offering consulting services to implement technology so that you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Scope Project: Submit a short summary of your needs and we will confirm the feasibility and scope of your project during a kickoff call.
  2. Implement Technology: We will collaborate using video and chat to confirm requirements that I will then use to implement the right technology.
  3. Accelerate Your Business: Leverage technology to grow your business.

So, complete the online form to get things moving. And in the meantime, subscribe to my newsletter to get tips and updates on essential tech for solopreneurs. So you can stop feeling frustrated and instead let technology work for you.

Ready to accelerate your online business with the right tech?

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